“7 Reasons Socialism Will Make You Poorer Than Capitalism”

“7 Reasons Socialism Will Make You Poorer Than Capitalism”

If you would like to read a very concise primer on the relative merits of Socialism vs. Capitalism as a socioeconomic system, Jon Hawkins’ article published in Townhall.com is one of the best I have found.

I hope you will read this short and powerful summary of the reason that every culture that has adopted free market capitalism as its economic system has prospered, gained economic upward mobility for more of its citizens, and a higher standard of living for a greater proportion of its general population.

Compare North America to South America, North Korea to South Korea, what used to be West Germany to East Germany, Hong Kong to Mainland China. These are highly revealing natural experiments that pretty-well control for differences in the biogenetic make-up of the populations, but contrast the effects of dramatically different socioeconomic systems.

A major reason for America’s decline is that we have failed to acculturate our children in the make-up of our superior socioeconomic system and our formerly superior Constitutional Republic (now tragically fading to a post-Constitutional Socialist Republic).

It is their ignorance about this profoundly important corpus of historical information that lays them open and vulnerable to progressive, socialist, communist, propaganda. Our State controlled public educational institutions and media are undermining our American Constitutional Republic.

For a very enjoyable viewing experience, treat yourself to an “open-mike” video experience on the streets of Hong Kong, triumphantly confirming all that this blog is discussing.

The following should be required reading and viewing for every American student, as well as strongly suggested for all adults.

I hope you will introduce such information as this to the young people in your lives.


I hope you will tolerate the ad, this video is worth the few seconds wait:


VTM, 12/7/13

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