Mark Levin: “The Liberty Amendments”

Mark Levin: “The Liberty Amendments”

I am busy writing a section of my book tonight: “The Psychology of America’s Decline”.

As part of my last chapters on possible solutions to Modern America’s many problems, I will be including the main conclusions from a constitutional scholar working to restore  and protect our Constitutional Republic.

One of Mark Levin’s websites can be found at the following URL. I urge you to familiarize yourself with his work there.

Also, and more to the point of this blog, the following are the Constitutional Amendments that Mark Levin recommends to recover the effectiveness of the greatest sociocultural design in history: The Constitution of the United States of America. His amendments are designed to preserve the liberties that it has provided for the citizens of America and to more effectively protect it, and us, from the deconstruction efforts of progressive/socialists against our Constitution and our personal liberties.

Please consider these proposed amendments to our Constitution, below.

VTM, 12/3/13

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