Peeking Down The Socialistic Rat-Hole

Peeking Down the Socialistic Rat-Hole

There is something in psychology called extinction produced aggression and  extinction produced emotional behavior.

Extinction is a procedure in which rewards for certain behaviors are suddenly terminated. The results are that the behaviors maintained by those rewards weaken and are reduced in rates of occurrence. However, under some conditions this process is accompanied by much emotional behavior and even aggression in those whose behavior is undergoing extinction.

Anytime plentiful rewards that people are accustomed to receiving are suddenly cut off, or dramatically reduced, you are likely to see an increase in that population’s emotional actions that can  include riots and looting; aggression and increases in various crimes; as well as self-injurious or abusive behaviors including suicide.

The following is just one of many real-world examples of this common psychological occurrence among individuals, that are behaviorally contaged to others within large populations.

There is nothing new about these observations.

However, there is one big post-modern  surprise. It is a new and unexpected manifestation of self-abusive behavior and also the extent  to which socialist-engendered depraved governmental dependency can drive a population.

You have to see this one!

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 12/1/13

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