Virtual President Destroys Enemies of 2nd Amendment and America!

Virtual President Destroys Enemies of 2nd Amendment and America!

The forces of America’s undoing, namely our Federal Government, have been incrementally confiscating our personal liberties, in almost every conceivable way,  for generations.

One of their perennial targets has been so-called “gun control”.

The “virtual president”, speaking in the video below, reveals with sound logic and statistics, that our increasingly Marxist-Socialist Government is not interested in gun control, it is interested in people control!

The Marxist-Socialist operatives in our government know that they cannot get to where they wish to take America’s “transformation” as long as the people are fully armed. The know that armed America’s citizens  will not only protect themselves against criminals and rioting barbarians, but they will also protect themselves from America’s own Government run amok.

The following video is simply brilliant in its presentation of penultimate arguments in favor of our recapturing America’s Constitutional Governments. I believe the arguments are beyond rebuttal.

If you are a patriot, you will revel in this video. If you are an unwittingly propagandized (by College, mainstream media, entertainment media, etc.,) Marxist-Socialist, you may learn the truth.

If you are an all-out Marxist-Socialist ideologue you are revealed; and you are America’s mortal enemy!

Do not miss the following. You’re in for a big surprise.

VTM, 11/24/13

P.S. Thanks to patriot Lee Hornack for sending this amazing video to me.

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