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Black Idiot Looses The “Knock-Out” Game

November 22, 2013

Black Idiot Looses The “Knock-Out” Game

I am calling this 17 year-old man a black idiot because he is black and because he is an idiot. I named his race because it is highly pertinent to holding the perpetrators of these acts responsible for their behavior. At least now, the game is played primarily by black youths.

Some may call me a racist for this statement, but that fashionable PC slur is meaningless to me. Too often it is used to punish, into silence, those who are telling the truth and trying to cope with the reality of America’s troubled society.

By now you must have seen over and over again, the various videos of gangs of black youths playing the “knock-out game”. At this time, it appears to be a distinctly black “right of passage”.

The knock-out game assaults are perpetrated primarily against defenseless and unsuspecting whites, although a much smaller number of blacks and other races have also been attacked. Some victims have died. The attack videos I have seen show laughing, hopping and hooting black teens dancing excitedly around their hapless victims who lay motionless on the cement.

Nowhere do I hear outrage from the black community or its black leaders. Where are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and most of all, where the hell is President Obama who was expected to bring improved harmony among America’s ethnic groups.

If black gang and the “gansta” knock-out culture contages to the general population as other practices historically have, soon we will see young white idiots also playing the knock-out game.

However, if white youths should play “the game” primarily against blacks, I predict that there will be hell to pay in America.

The barbarians are coming and they are many of our children, of all races.

The young man featured in the very short article below attempted to “knock-out” a legally armed citizen.  He was shot and lived to go to prison. T.V. talking heads are now asking, inanely: “What can we do about these terrible attacks against innocent people?”

As far as I am concerned, they have their answer.

 VTM, 11/22/13

P.S. I do appreciate the two black men at the end of this video who  verbally chastise black youths for “playing” the “knock-out game.”

Also, I could be happy that this 17-year-old was not killed for his attack. But only if he learns his lesson and does not emerge from prison to a life of assault, crime and murder.

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