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Tragic Consequences of Socialism

November 21, 2013

Tragic Consequences of Socialism

F. A Hayek has warned the world about the tragic consequences of nations adopting socialistic political/economic cultural designs.

What are the consequences of movement away from America’s traditional Constitutional Republic values to a progressive/socialistic philosophy and political methods and outcomes? The stunning consequences are emerging as I now write (11/11/13). The events and their details that I reference below, have been repeatedly in the current news media. If by chance, you do not recognize them, as well as their important associated details, I advise that you learn them now, before it is too late. A Representative Republic such as ours requires and informed voting citizenry or it will fail.

  • Fast and Furious
  • Benghazi
  • Massive Intelligence Leaks
  • The longest financial recovery in history
  • Expensive and ineffective economic stimulus initiatives
  • A transition from full to part-time employment for millions
  • Over 10 million out of labor force since 2009
  • Record numbers of food stamps
  • Record numbers unemployed
  • Record numbers on disability
  • Household incomes down
  • Unprecedented examples of intimidation and incursions into citizen’s privacy by the IRS
  • NSA’s (National Security Agency) “over-collection” of  domestic communications
  • Hints that the Obama Administration “fudged” employment figures just prior to his second election
  • Clear evidence that President Obama has lied repeatedly to the public about numerous important matters.
  • Clear evidence that President Obama has lied repeatedly to the public about Obamacare (The Affordable Health Care Act)
  • Obamacare with millions of insurance policy cancellations and dramatically increased, unaffordable for many, premiums.
  • Our 17 Billion dollar National Debt\Dramatic growth in the Federal Government
  • A Greatly divisive President
  • A plethora of ongoing scandals about the unscrupulous and/or feckless actions of the Obama Administration

Some might expect that these bad outcomes, predicted by critics of an increasingly socialistic American government might lead to a great political backlash for liberty against an overreaching and repressive government. Examples of such an emerging reactions are Tea Party and Libertarian group initiatives. But there is a danger that these and other political counter-attacks it will not be sufficient to turn the tide. As Hayek has explained, there are many people who will readily trade their liberty for security and if their numbers are great enough, the “consequences laid-bare” may not be enough alter America’s transition to socialism. This would seem even more likely as our current socialist-leaning government has imported and recruited millions of non-citizens and citizens (respectively) into various “entitlement” and welfare programs. As the portion of America’s population suckling at the central governments breast approaches 50%, hope of altering America’s decline through the popular vote must diminish.

Francis Fukuyama, in his 1999 book entitled: The Great Disruption, appears to be in strong agreement with Hayek and he  appears to have anticipated one of the most threatening problems for 21st century America:

While governments re capable of building social capital, they are also adept at destroying it. I noted in earlier chapters how states that fail to provide for public safety or stable property rights tend to breed citizens who distrust not only the government but also each other and find it difficult to associate. The growth of modern welfare states, the centralization of their functions, and their intrusion into virtually all walks of life have tended to undermine spontaneous sociability. In European countries like Sweden and France, there is what passes for a vigorous private associational life, but almost all of it depends in some manner on the government for subsidy or regulation; in the absence of the state, many apparently voluntary organizations would collapse. In the United States, localities and states lost power to the federal government during the period of the Great Disruption, and when the government intervened, it was often hostile to the goal of private association. The decriminalization of social disorder described earlier, carried out by the judicial system, it just one example of how the modern liberal state has been able to rob local communities of their ability to set rules and norms for themselves in the name of individual rights” (pps. 258-259).

Wake-Up America!

Stay tuned for more.

VTM, 11/21/13

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