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See Trey Gowdy Kick Obama, Clinton and Media Asses About Benghazi!

November 14, 2013

See Trey Gowdy Kick Obama, Clinton and Media Asses About Benghazi!

I have nothing more to say, other than… Watch this!!!

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this to me.


Obama Is Trying To Destroy America’s Military

November 14, 2013

Obama Is Trying To Destroy America’s Military

Obama is a Marxist, in disguise, and he is intent upon destroying (he called it “transforming”) America’s socio-political culture.

He is using every Marxist trick in the book: which boils down to lies, deceptions, destroying religion and traditional values, rewarding anyone who will not work, cronyism, recruiting illegal immigrants to socialist politics, destroying our economy, and using rank propaganda and illegal-Unconstitutional power-politics to achieve his goals.

He is also in the process of successfully destroying our military.

America is now in big trouble!

I urge you to inform yourselves by reading the following articles and viewing the videos in the second  URL.

Also, when you are finished, you might consider entering “women military” into my search box to the upper right of my blog page, then click return. There you will find numerous other of my entries on this and related topics from the past.

Thanks to Bob Walck and Joan  Walters for suggesting this topic for a blog.

VTM, 11/14/13

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