Send In The Clowns!

Send In The Clowns!

I know that what you are about to see, at first glance, may look like simplistic, tawdry and unprincipled character assassination, i.e., pure propaganda. But it is not.

If I really thought it was pure propaganda and character assassination, I would not have put it on my blog.

On this blog, I have not hesitated to call a true liar a Liar, a sociopath a sociopath, cheats–cheats, socialist destroyers of  America–socialist destroyers of America, and finally (more to the point) fools and clowns–fools and clowns. 

The left would say that I am taking the “low road” and spreading scurrilous, unprincipled propaganda.

I say that I am speaking the plain and unadulterated truth based upon a great deal of indisputable evidence.

If you don’t believe my assertion about evidence, just scroll three entries down on this blog and study the factual depiction within Commander In Chief Sociopath.

Also, at the end of this present blog’s video, the cartoonish depictions stop and their truth is highlighted.

VTM, 11/9/13

Thanks to Vic Palenske for sending this to me.

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