What Form of Government?

What form of Government?

I do not think that identifying the most desirable form of government for a socio-culture to adopt for the 21st Century should be all that difficult. If I may assume a rudimentary familiarity with World History, a chain of questions that anyone might ask themselves should lead to as good an answer as can be gotten by mere mortals.

Which form of Government has led the modern world in military matters, science, technology, medicine, education, art and entertainment for over the past 200 years? Which form has venerated and protected the rights of individuals more? Which form has invented more? Which form educated more of its population? Which form has produced more goods and services? Which form has the world imitated the most? To which form do individuals from most of the world strive, by hook or crook, to invade illegally?  Which form has done the most to keep peace in the world, to settle world conflagrations, to repair the damage done to the combatants and then return to its peaceful ways? Which form of government has provided the most cash, material, and human assistance to other nations, or regions struck, by famine, pestilence, or various natural disasters?

By now you should know the answer. But nothing is perfect and nothing lasts forever. It is time to make a few wisdom-based changes in that precious form of government, which is ours.

Stay tuned.

VTM, 11/6/13

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