Our Commander in Chief Liar: “If You Like Your Insurance, You Can Keep It!”


Our Commander and Chief Liar: “If You Like Your Insurance, You Can Keep It!”

For God’s-sake people!

How many lies, how much deceit, how many betrayals of trust? How much evil in the form of dishonesty, incompetence, and  treason (Benghazi) will we tolerate?!

Where is the outrage?!

It would be more comfortable for many to think that President Obama, our Commander in Chief Liar and bumbling incompetent, is the one who is accidentally destroying America. But, that is not true on at least two accounts.

First, he is very skillfully, in Saul Alinsky and Antonio Gramsci Marxist style, dismantling America’s Constitutional Republic. If you do not know Alinsky and Gramsci, you must Google their names in order to understand the behavior of America’s President Obama.

Second, ultimately, It is America’s woefully ignorant voting public that is destroying this last great hope for modern Western Civilization. After-all, it is the American electorate that has given Obama a full eight years to kill their own socioculture.

The following is only the most recent example of Obama’s numerous shameful activities. He is now pushing immigration reform as a way to divert attention from the accumulating evidence of his various impeachable actions.

See the following proof-positive documentation of our American President’s sociopathic nature, clearly manifested in his lies about “Obamacare”.


VTM,  10/29/13

Thanks to Joe Grunert for sending this video to me.

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