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America: The Greatest Country In The World?!

October 25, 2013

America: The Greatest Country In The World?!

Thanks to my dear sister-in-law Linda for sending me the video that is highlighted and critiqued in the following article.

I believe that I blogged this video sometime ago. But, with over 1000 blogs on my site, I cannot remember the title I may have given it and therefore cannot easily know that I did so.

Nevertheless, this provocative video is worthy of a possible repeat performance, or certainly a first presentation.

Know that there is some bad language in this video and that, at first glance, much of it will ring emotionally true. However, a deeper analysis of the video will yield a disguised undercurrent of leftist/liberal/progressive propaganda that is easily overlooked by the viewer.

Please take time to read the surrounding short article and then view the video that is carefully critiqued in Joe Miller’s article. In that way you will be able to watch the video from a more critical and informed perspective.

In my view, we are still the greatest nation on earth, but for many reasons, we are in acute danger of slipping into the trash-bin of history.

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 10/25/13

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