An American Collapse By Spring 2014?!

An American Collapse By Spring 2014?!

You can be certain that I do not know the truth of what you are about to see and hear.

When the USSR collapsed, no one saw it coming. It just happened with no warning. No one, including the so-called experts “knew what hit them”.

This is very often the way such things happen according to my research into the collapse of great societies.

Could this happen to America?

It is hubris in the extreme to assume that it could not.

Would President Obama organize, plan-for and precipitate such a catastrophe?

It would be foolish to firmly believe otherwise, in light of all that Obama has thus far done to deconstruct our Constitutional Republic of America.

You simply must consider the following video presentation. Then look to the right panel of other videos of a similar theme and take the time to sample their content.

In the final analysis, the truth is unknowable at this moment.

It is up to each individual to estimate the probabilities involved and make their own plans for a very uncertain future.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  10/22/13

Thanks to brother Mark for sending me a video that lead to these documented concerns.


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