The meanest and Nastiest American Revolutionarys: Alinsky and Obama

The meanest and Nastiest American Revolutionarys: Alinsky and Obama

Saul Alinsky was a self-admitted lying cheating American revolutionist. He was dedicated to overturning America’s political system.

To him, lying to America was a virtue, much as lying to “infidels” is a virtue for radical Islamists.  Please Read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals manual for fomenting revolutions in order to understand what is now happening to you in America.

You should know that both, President Obama and his presumed successor, Hillary Clinton, are devotes of Alinsky’s unprincipled methods for the revolutionary destruction of existing political systems.

The following is a list of unnecessary, but purposefully painful restrictions that Obama has imposed upon American’s freedoms in order to increase public outrage over the current government shutdown. He has done this in an attempt to focus that outrage upon the Republicans.

Revolutionary Obama and the Progressive/Liberal Democrats have gotten the mess they desire. The RINO Republicans have gotten the mess they deserve, but probably did not anticipate.

The rest of conservative America deserves none of this.

Wake-Up America. Vote the traitors of office!

VTM, 10/7/13

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