Obamacare Taxes Marriage, Encourages Divorce and Births Out-of-Wedlock

Obamacare Taxes Marriage, Encourages Divorce and Births Out-of-Wedlock

Psychology’s Law of Effect would predict that if couples are heavily taxed for getting married, that the rate of marriage in our America’s population will decline. It would also be practical that, if already married couples were heavily taxed, many would consider getting divorced. All of this would necessarily increase America’s rate of births out-of-wedlock.

All of this, and much more of Obama’s master plan, is damaging America’s viability as a socioculture competing for existance in a very dangerous uncivilized world.

Obama’s continued transformation of America reveals his secular progressive/socialist game-plan to our population that may have evolved to be too stupid, indolent, or corrupted and dependent to reject this alien political force.

God forbid that it could be so.

The following documents Obamacare’s destructive taxes on marriage.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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