Our Failing Governmental Educational System

Our Failing Governmental Educational System

The following is an excellent article on why our public (governmental) school system is failing.

In short, they are failing for the same reason that gigantic central governmental enterprises always fail. Competition and experimentation is stifled, the controlling government attempts to mandate and propagandize its own ideology, and meritorious performance on the part of teachers is unrewarded and substandard performance is not penalized.

In America, teacher’s unions are more dedicated to protecting the welfare of teachers than they are our students. Furthermore the teacher’s unions have become action groups for the liberal/progressive/secular political movement.

In only this sense, propagandizing America’s youth in liberal/progressive/secular philosophy, our governmental (public) education system has become a “raging success”!

With respect to teaching America’s youth the intellectual skills and wisdom needed to propel American freedom and cultural excellence into the 21st century, our governmental education system is a predictable miserable failure.

The following presents a rank-order of national education systems. We are ranked at the bottom, 17th among selected nations. See for yourself:


This is not new news. We rank lower in reading, math and science than many other nations. What is new and refreshing, is that this article discusses the fact that it is not simply the educational system’s performances that are reflected in these data. The state of the culture in each of these nations also has a lot to do with how their youth performs in their educational systems. For example, American families have been badly damaged and rendered badly dysfunctional, even destroyed by numerous cultural changes starting in the 1960’s. There is nothing America’s present, or its immediate future to suggest a reverse of these trends.

As you can see in the rankings above, America invests more proportionately more money than many of the  higher ranked nations on its governmental education system.

“It’s the culture stupid!” It always was and it always will be.

Our culture has traditionally embraced and celebrated the free market, completion, local government, and citizen independence. At the center of it all is competition.

The universe of living things is orchestrated by a marvelous balance of competition and cooperation (view the magnificent series, “The Blue Planet”, for an unforgettable primer on such amazingly complex matters). This complex admixture of completion and cooperation mediates the outcomes of a myriad of natural selection processes and outcomes. Like it or not, we humans and our cultures are a part of this natural firmament.

Our American culture has lost this precious balance as it has betrayed its founding principles that hit the sweet-spot of these natural processes as it has recently evolved into an increasingly centralized governmental social system. A self-destructive system that runs contrary to the natural laws and processes described in the paragraph above.

Only one of our numerous symptoms of this problem is our failing educational system.

Be that as it may,  John Stossel is spot-on in his analysis of the failure of our education system and his suggestion for its improvement. Such improvements, if they were implemented, would represent a “regressive” step in the proper direction.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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