Random Black Attacks On Whites

Random Black Attacks On Whites

During the summer of 2012, I became aware of random individual and mob attacks upon white men, women, and even families. There was little discussion of this in the news media. I was astonished.

While searching The Blaze web site, I was found several such recent attacks by blacks against whites. Again, there was little, if any, mention of these attacks against whites on normal news sites or programs. The following is one example:


I then did a search on Google for Random Black Attacks on Whites. The results were startling.


Suspecting that my search might be biased in some way. I did a search on Google for Random White Attacks on Whites.  Surprisingly, in spite  of my new title targeting white attacks on blacks, the results were almost identical.



I then Googled “White on Black Hate Crimes”. Please do this and see what you get.

Now try,  “Whites Attack Blacks”. All of what you have observed raises some very grave concerns.

The following is a Judge Judy discussion on the disparity between white on black crime and black on white crime. This presentation appears to me to be grounded in historical fact and it is balanced by a bright black man’s counter arguments.

I hope you will watch this short debate and reach your own conclusions on this matter.


VTM, 9/27/13

P.S. After this truthful and data-based analysis, I expect to be slandered in predictable ways.  For a more complete explanation of my position on the “racist” rant that liberals and race-baiters go on each time someone discusses the realities of race, please see my earlier blog below, “Speaking As A Racist ‘Slimeball’, etc.


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