“The Democratic Party Has Adopted Our Platform”: Socializing America

The Democratic Party Has Adopted Our Platform”: Socializing America

MOST of the American people do not remember the communist party of America ever having a candidate in the presidential elections and most Americans didn’t notice when they stopped having a candidate.

Like many things floating around the internet, the proceeding quote is of an uncertain origin. However, its message is absolutely true.
All one need do is look at the recent evolution of the American Socioculture to validate my assertion. Whether you are a republican, or a libertarian…if you are in contact with reality, you must agree that America is increasingly a socialized political State.
If you are a so-called progressive, a communist or a liberal democrat, it is not likely that you will agree, because it will blow your cover. You being scurrilously dedicated to a systematic incremental
surreptitious transformation of our Nation to socialist system.
For an interesting history of this valid, but misattributed truth, see Snopes below
For further validation of this nefarious, but successful strategy for defeating traditional America, simply do a search on my blog. Enter “Antonio Gramsci” in the search box to the upper right and press return. Perhaps there you will find the true origin of this communist ploy.
Thanks to Vic Palenske for reminding us about this occult socialization strategy to transform America!
VTM, 9/16/13

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