Back The Syrian Rebels? You Decide!

Back Syrian Rebels? You Decide!

I do not put this kind of stuff on my blog without a damn good reason. That it is “real”, is not enough for me. The terrible things forever done to people around the world are real, but there is no good reason to suffer their gory details in real-time. In my view, there is every good reason to protect ourselves from traumas when there is nothing to gain, and there is nothing that we can do to help avoid similar future atrocities, as a result.

What follows is an exception. The Obama Administration is trying to convince us that we should side with the Syrian rebels against their President Assad.

I have written many reasons why I think America should not attack Syria. Simply scroll down a few blog entries and your can evaluate my reasoning.

What I now present below is yet another reason, in addition to my previous suspected unconscionable rebel atrocities noted in that blog.

The video of this depraved fiend, a high-ranking rebel leader, is a caricature of Assad’s replacement regime. Would you see this as an improvement?!

I am sorry to disturb your peace of mind. But, remember the victim is already dead.

You must steel yourself to watch this short video in-order to inform your decision on this grave matter.

With Regrets,

VTM, 9/10/13

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