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Military: Same-Sex Spouses Get Benefits

September 9, 2013

Military: Same-Sex Spouses Get Benefits

I have warned of the morass of problems that welcoming gays in the military would cause.

At a time when America is going bankrupt, we are fighting an 11 year war (so-far) against Islam, now in danger of exploding into WWIII.

Unbelievably, we have now saddled our military with this self-destructive burden. Please read, below, a sample of the troubles that are evolving from this decision. Do not fail to read the comments by various military personnel who weighed-in on this article.

Liberals warn us of various conservative “slippery-slopes”. Yet, they are amazingly blind to their own progressive/liberal slippery-slopes.

Correction! They are not blind to progressive/liberal slippery-slopes. They know of them full-well and they use them to further their political social engineering goals.

It is the American electorate that is largely blind to the progressive/liberal slippery-slopes that are destroying their own civilization.

They go, blind and ignorant, to their demise.

Sadly, we will all go with them.

Please click to read the whole article below…it is just the beginning of this class of self-imposed insoluble military problems.

VTM, 9/913

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