“Serious About Syria”? My Reasons Against Attacking Syria

“Serious About Syria”? My Reasons Against Attacking Syria

I hope you will read the article below, written by Thomas Sowell.

I must oppose a military assault on Syria.

Yes, I am made uncomfortable that leading conservatives like former Vice-President Cheney, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, not to mention Bill O’Reilly, are all in favor of such and attack.

I am further made uncomfortable by the fact that I am certainly no expert on such matters!

Yet, beyond my worry about the bumbling incompetence and deceitfulness of President Obama and his administration, I am deeply concerned of the following.

  • There are reports that the rebels in Syria are threatening, killing and terrorizing the Christians in that country.
  • There are reports of brutal executions of Syrian army personnel captured by the rebels.
  • There are reports that the Muslim Brotherhood is an active force among the rebels (the same Brotherhood that took-over and ruined the now dead fledgling democracy in Egypt)
  • I am concerned that America is printing money and devaluing our own currency, inflation is growing , and our economy is still badly degraded and fragile. America is in massive debt, with no end in sight and is in danger of bankruptcy.
  • We have stressed our military with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with precision strikes and surveillance throughout the world.
  • America has been at war in one place or another since 2002, 11 years. My reading of history tells me that even great powers begin to run-out of citizens to continue to fight wars somewhere around ten years. Furthermore such long-term wars leave civilizations depleted of the youth, health, and vigor needed to cope effectively with future threats to their successful evolution.
  • I believe our youth is declining in psychological health and educational accomplishments.
  • We are scraping the bottom of our national barrel to supply our military with competent personnel. To supplement traditional personnel resources we have now invited gays and married gays into the military and also women into full combat. This desperate far-recruitment-reach  will degrade our fighting abilities in many ways.
  • In the near future we will most likely have to wage a war of survival with Iran, which is hell-bent to create nuclear weapons and is now very near success. With America’s dwindling resources, it would be prudent to conserve what we have and ready-ourselves for whatever must be done to defeat Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. We must not become distracted from our greatest threat and waste our resources for uncertain outcomes.  Fail to destroy Iran’s threat to the world and the consequences are likely to be horrific to the free world.
  • It is a fact that, all around the world there have been pogroms against, and mass slaughters of, innocent people since the beginning of time. America cannot alone stop them all, or even most of them. To try to do so will be to destroy ourselves to achieve an impossible goal.
  • The bottom-line must always be, is it in our best interests and can we take action without destroying ourselves in a futile process?

We will regain the world-stature, that Obama has lost for us, with the election of a strong and principled conservative. Fail in this and I fear all will be lost.

I say no to military action against Syria, at this time.

Instead, I say yes to the absolute destruction of Iran, if it does not scrub its nuclear weapons program.

VTM, 9/5/13


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