Radical Islam’s Death to America By Forest-Fire!

Radical Islam’s Death to America By Forest-Fire!

Radical Islam is in no hurry. They are content to wait until America dies of “thousands little cuts” that they inflict upon her.

They know our weaknesses and they know President Obama’s Goals.

What few of the American electorate understand is that our weaknesses and Obama’s goals tragically coincide.

Radical Islam is dedicated to destroying America and so is President Obama.

Why else would Obama not invoke an existing Federal Law against legalized marijuana against Colorado but attack, with full-force, Arizona’s struggle to lawfully control its borders with Mexico and protect its citizens from the crimes they inflict upon them?

With regard to our suicidally porous borders, we reportedly have discovered Islamic plans to wreak our American economy by sneaking across them and setting wild-fires in our most forested states.

Our Federal Government has known this since the killing of Ben Laden, perhaps even before.  Explain to me how Obama can achieve so many of his amazing social transformation goals, but not close our boarders and immigration policies that provide easy access to our homeland by terrorists

If you think that Radical Islam trying to destroy our economy by wild-fire is an outrageous , or even an improbable idea, just view the following video.

One facet of their long-term plan is to destroy America by destroying our Economy.

I think their plan, with Obama’s help, is going well.

Wake-Up America!


Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending me this video.

VTM, 9213

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