America’s Transracial Bad Behavior: It’s The Metacontingencies Stupid!

America’s Transracial Bad Behavior: It’s The Metacontingencies Stupid!

Well, it is true that our black population is suffering the highest rates of births out-of-wedlock, school failure, unemployment, and crime, etc..

But whites and other ethnic groups also have nothing to be proud of, in light of these and other measures of their bad behavior.

I listen to the pundits and talking heads discuss what has gone wrong in the black community, and in America at large. They sound like a bunch of birds squawking in a remote rain forest.

  • “We need more dialog on this topic.”
  • “People have to take responsibility at some point.”
  • “We need more money for education.”
  • “We need to take more pride in our communities.”
  • “It takes a village to raise a child.”
  • “People must be held accountable”.
  • “We need a National conversation on race”.
  • Squawk, squawk, squawk………….

More dialogue is worthless. It is not likely to change “set minds” and behavior patterns. The real pain of our deteriorating socioculture may help motivate change, but that motivation for change may come too late. In fact, we might already be beyond repair. Future events in time will tell our story.

Say your prayers, folks, and consider a different way to think about our problems. This is the key to different solutions and outcomes.

There is no singular cause for our transracial bad behaviors. There are a multiplicity of interacting causes that have all been catalyzed and exponentially multiplied because of Federal, State and local rule changes governing what we as a culture reward and punish in the actions of our citizens.

Always remember that B.S. walks and contingencies talk.

A contingency is a rule statement that if someone does A, then B is their consequence. For example, in my family if you (A) told a lie, you would be (B) punished severely. If you (A) worked hard, (B) you would be rewarded.

However, many hugely powerful “atomic bomb-like” contingencies originate, and are imposed on the whole, or parts of the population from higher governmental levels. These  population-transforming superordinate over-arching rule changes are technically called “metacontingencies“.

It is here we see the rule-changes that have destroyed great numbers of families of all races. Blacks have been disproportionately damaged, to be sure. But make no mistake about it, a great number of poor white families (and other ethnic groups) have also been similarly torn asunder with similar bad and culture damaging outcomes.

From a psychological (conditioning and learning/social learning perspective), the explosive start of our great cultural decline can be found in the progressive/liberal metacontingency changes imposed First by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and then by Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society war on poverty.

These similar metacontingencie changes imposed by our elected politicians have twice yielded similar damaging results to America’s socioculture.  The question is: Can American voters learn this lesson before it’s too late?!

Psychology’s great Law of Effect states that behavior is controlled by its consequences.

If any government sets its rules (metacontingencies) so that dependence, irresponsible behavior, and crime is quickly, certainly and strongly rewarded, these behavior patterns will rapidly increase in rates of occurrence within its population. With each passing generation the rates of bad behavior will tend to escalate in rates of occurrence.

Do you not see this occurring before your own aging eyes?

Do not ask youthful America this question, they only see their generations norm. It is only the aging population that can perceive the reality of such changes over the course of their life-times. Statistics do not impress most people as much as actual witnessed and felt changes in their lives.

Read the following to see the truth of it all.

It’s the metacontingencies stupid!

Read about the damaging metatcontingency changes of the LBJ administration.

Now, read about the damaging metacontingency changes of the FDR administration.

In fact there is evidence that FDR’s Progressive/Liberal policies prolonged the Great Depression by about 7 years.

President Obama’s Progressive/Liberal policies is much more of the same.

No wonder America is in a state of dramatic decline.

Vote for governmental metacontingencies that powerfully reward independence, hard work, responsible behavior, law-abiding actions, as well as close-knit families and watch our population’s behaviors begin to change in desirable directions.

The only down-side to this strategy is that it may take more generations to reconstruct these desirable behavior patterns than it did to destroy them. However, there are no other viable options and we are running out of time.

Wake-Up America! It’s the Metacontingencies Stupid!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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