The Diversity Green Card Lottery: America Run Amok!

The Diversity Green Card Lottery: America Run Amok!
Karen Kuiper, a true American Patriot, sent this notification to me, asking if I knew anything about it. I did not.
As always, I am skeptical of the validity of things that circulate around cyberspace and so I have done some research.
Please review the following and then I will show you what I learned.
U.S. Department of State - Great Seal

Congratulation! You have been selected among the lucky winners of the U.S. Green Card for fiscal year (2013). Winners were selected randomly via computer draw system of email extractions. We are sending the winning letters through the selected winners email addresses.
The initial step required to receive the green card is to apply and obtain the U.S. immigrant visa which is for permanent residence in the United States. The Visa will permit you to travel to the United States to receive the green card.

Please complete form DS-230 for yourself and all accompanying family members which will be used-to file your immigrant visa petition at the National Visa Center to process your visa and schedule your visa interview appointment at the U.S. Embassy nearest to you for the issuance of your visa.
Visa fees. $320. This fee shall pay at the U.S Embassy in your country.
For your visa requirements, please contact regional office address below.
Contact Person:- Don Nelson Phone:- +66 859 776 529 Email:- Benefits.
People that win this Lottery will get the constant legal status of the US inhabitant, an opportunity of free country entrance and departure, the right to be working in the USA legally and getting American salary. You may have any job in America, whether it is a government, public or private job. A permanent residence visa (as well as American work visa).

We shall be anticipating your reply soon.
Regards, Mr. Raphel Biggs. Office of Communication
Well, it’s true.
We are all low-information voters. It is near impossible for the average citizen to keep-up with what our psychotic government is doing. It proliferates self-defeating laws and actions faster than we can learn about them. Our governmental mainstream media works to cover-up more than we can know without hiring our own “People’s CIA”.
See for yourself below. Be certain to read sections that speak to failed efforts to terminate this “Diversity” Green Card Lottery, as well as the scams and the terrorists that it has admitted in the past.
America is having a psychotic break-down.
VTM, 8/20/13

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