“Killing Giggles”

“Killing Giggles”

Anytime science, government, media and politics are in cooperative confluence LOOK-OUT!

Nothing known to humankind can exert this kind of power over those subjected to these coordinated propagandistic influences that shape human thoughts, emotions, actions and ultimately: The entire socioculture.

We have not seen this kind of propagandistic power since Nazi Germany and a man named Joseph Goebbels.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels

In Germany, the government killed whoever they wanted and they killed whenever they wanted. They destroyed themselves, only to be rebuilt by a nation that is now destroying itself.

In the United States these propagandistic forces have us believing in global warming, that we are not in WWIII, that there are no terrorists (only criminals), that we can borrow more money than we make, that our President is in charge (as opposed to his socialist/communist puppeteers), and that the government will protect and care of us if we just move in with our parents, play computer games and make babies that we can’t afford or care for.

Welcome to America, 2013.

And remember, they Killed Giggles.

America, you better watch-out. 


VTM, 8/16/13

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