Vaughn Tommy’s Nightmare

Vaughn Tommy’s Nightmare

My dreams have always been interesting and I enjoy them.

But on Sunday night, 8/4/13, I had one that I will never forget. It was not a dream, it was a rare nightmare.

The nightmare:

I was among a throng of disorganized and confused people running across the top of high hill when I saw a half-dozen mushroom-shaped clouds on the far horizon. They sky had an ominous brownish, yellow-orange dull color and it was twilight. 

Far below we could see little men in tan uniforms running among people and shooting them down with their rifles. I shouted: “Those are atomic bombs and we are being invaded, run for your lives!”

I ran away from the crowd, towards a forest-shrouded neighborhood on the hill. I crawled through shrubs and around houses like a frightened child playing hide and seek in the darkness. I knew that if I was found I would be shot on sight, or captured.

Running through a side yard, I saw an opaque light-colored sheet of plastic laying against the base of a house, partially obscured by some shrubbery. It moved.  I knew there was a family hiding underneath and I whispered to them that they would be easily discovered….to run and seek safety elsewhere before it was too late.

Suddenly soldiers ran into the yard and I dove for cover under a nearby hedge. I watched, in disbelief, as they pulled the family from under the plastic cover and pointed their weapons at them. Then pulled me from my hiding place and pointed their guns at me.

The captured father threw himself to his knees on the ground.  He was out-of-his-mind with anger and fear. He cried, screamed and raged as he pointed a handgun to his own head. He shrieked that he was going to kill himself!

His captors were momentarily stunned and frozen still.  Suddenly, he grabbed a rifle out of the hands of one of the enemy soldiers hands and began to fire the assault weapon wildly in all directions.

The exploding shots sounded muffled. The soldiers ran for cover and I dived to the ground and felt two dull-thudding punches to my stomach.

As I knelt on the ground I saw blood streaming from two holes in my stomach.  One hole was high to the center and the other was lower to my right side. I knew I was dying. I was not in pain and I was not afraid.

The End.


Most everyone likes to analyze dreams, so why don’t you try your hand at this one. You are welcome to comment as you like.

Here is my take on this marvelously enigmatic and memorable nightmare.

This nightmare left me with a dull sense of dread that I have experienced intermittently, during my waking hours since 9/11. In fact, shortly after 9/11, I experienced a similar short nightmare in which I saw one large mushroom-shaped cloud and a similarly menacing sky.  In this nightmare, I was struggling to get to my home to see if my dear wife, Sally, was OK.

My weekend, leading up to my Sunday night nightmare had been very busy with fun things, but there were also some extended bouts of physical labor that I am unfortunately unaccustomed to. I therefore went to bed unusually fatigued and slept very deeply till the early hours of the morning, when I had this second nightmare and then awoke.

I suspect that my defenses were down and therefore theses thoughts were able to break-through my normal barriers to upsetting my thoughts, with brilliant clarity. Warnings of big attacks against American interests by radical Muslims had been issued by our government for days before this dream. Sigmund Freud is laughing and rolling in his grave. In this case manifest content revealed latent content.

As you know, if you have read some of my blogs, I believe that America is in a steep decline and I am increasingly doubtful that we will be able to turn it around.

I further fear that our best chance to do so is if we are struck with another cataclysm, similar to 9/11. I have hated to think that it might take something even more horrific to galvanize our shattered culture into a cohesive indomitable force, similar to the Greatest American Generation that save itself and the world in WWII.

I imagine that it will take nothing short of such a major trauma to blast our incompetent citizenry out of their lethargy and/or pathological self-indulgences.

Some segments of American Society are addicted to pornography, irresponsible sex, drugs, sports, and gambling; some are gorging on our broken Government’s gifts and entitlements in exchange for their votes; some, lost in cultural space and time, are barely subsisting at the margins of a once great society; many, gutted of their humanity by poverty, abuse and abandonment have become gangs of barbarians raping, pillaging, and slaughtering the weak and innocent; A few privileged and powerful citizens are skillfully enriching themselves on the diminishing  economic energy bursts of our dying cultural star; Many citizens are entrenching in sustainable enclaves and arming to defend themselves from the enemies who they believe will come to harm them.

A large segment of our population is growing old and preparing to die. They sense the futility of their efforts to bring back the days of faith, vitality and glory that was once their proud America. They will tell you, “I’m not going to worry. Why bother? There is nothing I can do and I’ll be gone before it all goes to hell”.

Our precious dwindling brave and proud young men fight, die and are maimed to save us from external forces of death and destruction. There is nothing they can do to save us from our internal forces of death and destruction. As their numbers shrink, America encourages its women to go into combat (even mothers).  And now we also encourage gays and lesbians to join our military to  fight for our preservation. The say this is done in the name of fairness, but actually it is a reflection of our desperation to sustain our military. 

All of this only encumbers our military with increasing social/sexual/legal problems within its ranks and degrades its fighting ability.  

Lastly, we have become too corrupt and weak to control our borders, or expel millions of illegal aliens who are now consuming the last of our borrowed and bogus economic reserves.

I am doing the best that I can do, the rest is up to you.

Sweet dreams to you, America.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.    8/6/13

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4 Responses to “Vaughn Tommy’s Nightmare”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I watched a video online of a fifth grade class in Japan. The teacher asked, “What is the purpose of fifth grade?” The children responded, “To be happy!!” The teacher asked, “What is it to be happy?” The children responded,”To help one another, to have compassion, to have empathy.” The film chronicled a day in the class: young students listening – TRULY listening – to a friend whose grandfather has died. It was very moving.

    The cynical me thinks that the typical American fifth grade student would say the the purpose of fifth grade is to “out class” peers with electronics, clothes etc. Many parents may say the purpose of fifth grade is to get good ISTEP scores.

    Wherein lies hope amidst this deterioration? The Dali Lama wrote a book called Beyond Religion. It is his way to reach the secular mind, since religion seems to have lost meaning for so many.

    Tom – this is my first response within the context of a blog. Would love your thoughts on what you would consider corrective measures in the midst of it all.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Great to hear from you, Lisa.

      I now have over 970 blogs that I have posted on this site. Among these are many of what I consider the solutions to America’s decline (any socioculture’s decline, for that matter). Many of my posts will be sprinkled into the book that I am writing and hoping to finish someday. It is entitled, The Psychology of America’s Decline: Suggestions for Behavior Therapy. I hope you will scroll through some past blogs. To help, use the search box to the upper right and enter things like Uniform Moral Code, Libertarianism, Law of Effect, and any other words that you think may work. My suggestions are, and will, be very extensive. But as my daddy said: “Wish in one hand and &*%@ in the other…see which one fills up the fastest!”

      Thanks for your concerns, Tom


  2. vic Says:

    This one was unusually well-written and engaging. At first I was going to say that your nightmare was due to the effects of gin! but as I read your interpretation of your dream you hit on a view of the US that will give me nightmares. Excellent piece. Vic


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      No gin that night, old friend! Just to many years of researching the decline of cultures and the deteriorating condition of America.

      Thanks so much for reading my blog and thinking with me. Tom


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