The Truth About Trayvon

The Truth About Trayvon

America is in a severe decline.

In a Constitutional Republic an educated, moral and politically involved public is essential for survival. But that is not all, an honest,traditionally conservative government with a “watch-dog” aggressive and honest news media is also essential for survival.

America has lost most of all of these things and is slipping into a terminal condition.

All of this has happened as a corrupt progressive/liberal political game plan has come to fruition. It has worked for decades with careful and patient effort to  achieve steady incremental progress in education, law and jurisprudence, and a government dedicated to entitlements in trade for votes. The summation of these incremental steps, with one big push by President Obama is achieving the destruction (“transformation”) of America.

Among the most destructive forces liberated by this slow, but steady transition to a self-destructive sociocultural philosophy and attendant practices, has been the balkanization of America. The result has been internal strife the likes of which we have not seen since Martin Luther King once helped to bring us to our senses about race.

The progressive/liberal agenda is to create conflict between the haves and the have-nots, the races, as well as with other subcultures with differing goals. With this accomplished the progressive/liberal governmental forces are in a position to blame their political targets for selfishness, insensitivity and racism and to impose heavy-handed controls and consequences upon the so-called offenders.

The Trayvon Martin case clearly illustrates most of what I am asserting. Race-baiting is a central strategy of the progressive/liberal political enemy of liberty for all.

I find myself asking: Is This the kind of political system and social liberty that millions of Americans have fought and died to achieve?!

If you will suffer through both of the following videos you may begin to understand my sadness, frustration and fear that the worst is yet to come.

VTM.,  8/1/13

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