Detroit: A Spector of America’s Demise

Detroit: A Spector of America’s Demise

I am aware that I am nearly always presenting bad news on my blog.  I have thought to sprinkle some fun and entertaining things amongst my many troubling blogs. In fact, I have done so in the past and will again sometime in the future.

However, problems in America appear to be growing at an exponential rate. Americas’ blizzard of sociocultural problems as well as  economic and international crises feel unparalleled since WWII. But WWII was a time when the horrific solutions to horrific problems seemed much more clear and straight-forward (i.e., “go over there” where our enemies are,  who all wear different uniforms than us, and kill them).

I believe the most fearsome problems of all involve our own corruption of the values, principles and behaviors that once made us great. With this has come a pervasive socialist/progressive political philosophy that has forever destroyed the engine that drives great cultural achievements.  The socialist/progressive political philosophy and its actions simply destroy precious human behavioral capital and simultaneously destroys the means to produce more of it.

As a practicing psychologist, I have struggled to help individuals and families damaged by these larger, all-pervasive forces (Governmental Welfare, joblessness, poverty, infidelity, divorce, gambling, pornography, drugs/alcohol, gang violence, schools that tolerate barbarian behavior in students, and much more). I do my job the best I know how, but the real ameliorating and preventive solutions lay in a cultural renaissance of the Judeo/Christian beliefs, rules and behaviors that were common in our great times gone by.

I am currently unable to see this happening without some great and painful calamity that brings America to its knees, where we once were when our culture last shined with unequaled brilliance.

No one, can change their self-destructive ways until they perceive reality with accurate clarity.  The same is true of all sociocultures.

Please read the following short article and make sure you view the video showing the polar bear on the car.

To survive, we must come under the control of reality.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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