“The Institution of Marriage Should Not Exist” !?

“The Institution of Marriage Should Not Exist” !?

On 7/18/13, Jim Krider wrote an opinion piece in the South Bend Tribune’s “Voices”. In it he described the LGBT activists’ agenda to harm, diminish, and ultimately destroy the institution marriage and the traditional family.

I am convinced he is spot-on correct about this seemingly outrageous assertion and goal….and he and I can prove it.

Though I may not be believed by all of my readers, I do not hate a LGBT person, in fact I have some LG friends who I like very much.

However, I do harbor powerful hostility for all political movements that are dedicated to destroying the ideal of monogamous heterosexual marriage and parenthood as the basic unit building-block of Western Society.

I take this position for reasons too detailed and lengthy to explain here. The point of this blog is not to explain my reasons.  I am content to let you supply your own reasons, pro or con, and make your own decisions on this important matter.

Rather, I intend to expose the true motives of the LGBT Political Action Groups. Without question, they are dedicated to destroying monogamy, marriage, the norm of heterosexuality, and the preference for mother and father parenting.

In his article, Mr. Krider made reference to an LGBT activist named Masha Gessen and he provided the following quote of hers:

“Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get it”.

In the first following video, you will learn the truth about the social activists’ destructive agenda. The truth revealed here reflects what I have learned about her preferred life-styles that she is representing

Based upon my work as an academic and practicing psychologist, I judge that the outcome of such a social transformation would be social/sexual anarchy and chaos. It would be the ruination of America.

Please view the first following video to see what the LGBT activists are really advocating.

Then see the next video to begin to appreciate the progress they, and our liberal/progressive governmental/educational agenda are already making with our youth.


See the video on “Hooking-Up” below.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  7/19/13

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