Who Are The Racists?!

Who Are The Racists?!

I do not believe that it is correct to say that America is racist, as the author of this article concludes.

However, he has some strong points that he is trying to make and their natural evolution is in the direction of a racist America.  I hope you will read this short article to see if you agree.

The liberal/progressive lying and cheating news media (minions of progressive political Administrations), as well as those who fan the hot flames of racism to gain and maintain their personal wealth and political power are traitors.  They are traitors to all good and honest citizens of America, to all of our dead and maimed military men and women who have ever sacrificed to preserve our freedom, and they are traitors to the precious Legacy of Martin Luther King.

They are traitors to all well-intentioned people of all races, the vast majority of whom wish to see all of their fellow citizens achieve freedom from oppression, as well as success and happiness for them and their loved ones. For these people, race is irrelevant!

Boycott the glib sociopathic news and entertainment media and vote the political race-baiting bastards out of office.

For their own short-term gain, these traitors are purposefully catalyzing racial tensions destructive to a peaceful  and united America: An America with unparalleled opportunities for all who will pursue them.

Please consider the following article.

VTM, 7/18/13


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