I Told You So: Mixing Straight Men and Women and Gays In The Military

I Told You So: Mixing Straight Men and Women and Gays In The Military!

Well, who would have thought it?! By mixing straight men and women and then infusing gays into our military we have created a military that is distracted from killing enemies and destroying their home-bases of operation. Instead, America’s military is in a great tail-chase over bad sexual conduct.

There are two parts to this blog. First is my short summary of a USA Today Article from 5/8/13 on Military Sex Abuse. Second is an article with an imbedded video about the problems caused in our military by the admission of active and practicing gays.

The USA Today article documents 19,300 cases of sex assault in America’s military in 2010 and 26,000 cases in 2012. Our Boot-licking military brass promised that mixing straight men and women together in tight military quarters would not be a problem. They then promised the same about mixing gays among straights.

They were either lying to preserve their careers or they were disconnected from what went-on below their belts. They were either corrupt or they were simple dumb-asses.

It requires little more than mature common sense to understand the unavoidable outcomes of mixing sexually maturing (in many cases, sexually obsessed) young men and women, both straight and gay, into highly stressed close physical proximity.

I believe that history will remember these military/liberal governmental decisions to be just one, of a great many, liberal self-defeating actions among many taken during America’s meteoric decline.

As if to drive-home the image of America’s new and stupidly sexualized military, the USA Today article reported that an Air Force Chief Sexual Assault Prevention Officer was arrested on charges of groping a woman.

Now, please read about and see the video documenting some of the problems created by admitting openly gay personnel into our military. There are many more that are now “coming to light”……for those who are slow and dim-witted.


VTM, 7/11/13

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