I Wonder If I Am A Libertarian # 10

Key Concepts of Libertarianism


David Boaz

January 1, 1999


The key concepts of libertarianism have developed over many centuries. The first inklings of them can be found in ancient China, Greece, and Israel; they began to be developed into something resembling modern libertarian philosophy in the work of such seventeenth- and eighteenth-century thinkers as John Locke, David Hume, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine.

Peace. Libertarians have always battled the age-old scourge of war. They understood that war brought death and destruction on a grand scale, disrupted family and economic life, and put more power in the hands of the ruling class — which might explain why the rulers did not always share the popular sentiment for peace. Free men and women, of course, have often had to defend their own societies against foreign threats; but throughout history, war has usually been the common enemy of peaceful, productive people on all sides of the conflict.

End of Quote.

This quote is a truth that echoes through all time. With the exception of crazed terrorist Islamists, combatants and their loved ones generally hunger for peace.

Our fighting men do not want to die an often painful and traumatic death. Their families fear the loss of their sons. More recently, in America, the maiming or loss of a daughters in combat would seem even more painful. 

Perhaps this last statement is true only for those of us “old folks” that were taught that it was chivalrous to protect women from violence…now we are called “sexists” by progressives. Mine would be classified as a “sexist remark”.  So be it.

I fit well with the Libertarian aversion to war and  I wish to harm no one….Unless, that is, they come through my window to harm my family or me. Then there will be hell to pay.

Also, I will run and hide from war…. Unless, that is,  enemies from other countries are infiltrating our borders to kill our innocent men, women and children, which they are.

Then, and only then, will I endorse unparalleled savagery. It is then that the rule of the jungle prevails: Kill or be killed.

As an example of what I mean, radical Islamists are now infiltrating our nation through wide-open borders. This unbelievable state of affairs is a form of psychotic National suicide. There are two things that must be done to avoid the death of America.

First, we must despise, defame and vilify our politicians who leave us open to death and destruction in this way. Vote the bastards out-of-office!

I then advise that we put all Nations on notice. If you harbor or tolerate the existence of terrorist groups within your borders you will suffer greatly.  If you do not seek your nations’ terrorist groups out and destroy them, we will bomb the areas of your country, from which they launch their attacks upon us, into the stone-age. If we must kill your innocent men, women and children to protect our own innocent men, women and children, we will do so with a fury the likes of which you have not seen since WWII.

Now, what will happen is up to you.

I suppose that to many, my thinking sounds like ignorant and inhuman bombastic bravado.

I will counter this criticism with the assertion that we are already in WWIII and we are loosing badly. The reality is that this is an eternal war is one of many thousands of deaths yet to come of our precious  youth and billions of dollars spent from our dying economy to fight a war without end. Our human consideration for other innocent people, at the expense of the deaths of our own innocent people, in the long-run, will spell the death of one of the greatest Nations ever on earth. 

We must save ourselves while we still can.  We cannot do this without being more brutal and inhumane than our psychotic enemies.

VTM, 7/5/13



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