Planned Parenthood: Hooking Kids On Sex

Planned Parenthood: Hooking Kids On Sex

There are powerful reasons for America to teach chastity to its boys and girls.

Of course, good people have been parented by teen mothers, but in our modern informational/technological economy the odds are very strong against such a happy outcome.

  • Pregnancy in a teenage girl yields a child without a mature parent to care for its physical, emotional, cognitive needs. This is simply an abuse of the born child.
  • Teen pregnancy damages the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of the immature mother. All too often, as the old children’s story read “All the Kings horses and all the Kings men, could not put humpty dumpty together again”. In other words psychotherapists cannot fix everything.
  • Carrying the infant to full-term interferes with normal teen life and responsibilities and unexpectedly burdens the teen’s family in ways that can stress the family to the breaking point.
  • The teenaged father is normally incompetent to assume the role of financial and emotional care-taker of  “his new family”. More often than not, the biological father abandons the mother and child.
  • In the event that the teen mother and the father attempt to form a viable family unit, they are highly likely to end-up being supported by government housing, food, health-care, and other cash benefits. For those of us who think things through, it is clear that it is not government that cares for this ill-fated family. The government simply confiscates hard-earned and precious money from the more responsible working citizens and then gives that material wealth to the incompetent and irresponsible ones.
  • When the government subsidizes teen pregnancy with tax-based resources, it stresses and deletes the productive rule-following population and rewards the growing and irresponsible dependent underclass. This underclass continues to grow because the undereducated financially deprived populations have long been observed to out-reproduce the population with more education and wealth.
  • Youthful sexual activity is less likely to be monogamous if for no other reason than adolescent dating generally entails relatively short, serial relationships. Adolescent dating is an intense and commonly painful learning experience about the complex features required to maintain love relationships with members of the opposite sex. This challenge is normally fraught with failure, much as the teen’s experiences learning to walk were. If multiple partners include sex, the odds caching and transmitting venereal diseases (Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, Chlamydia, or the AIDs virus) increase considerably.
  • Medical research has shown that early sexual activity in women increases their risk of cervical cancer.
  • Adolescent pregnancy feeds America’s huge abortion industry. Teens can carry their infants to full-term and then adopt-them-out to other good families, but this involves a heavy burden to the teen and her family. Therefore, the route of least resistance feeds the abortion industry with its living raw materials for slaughter. Either way the teen divests herself of the self-defeating consequences of her own sexual behavior. However, there is no easy way out for the young girl who is often traumatized for life by the desertion of the impregnating boy friend, the killing of her baby, or the giving-away of the life she created, carried and protected for nine months.
  • Pregnant teens are at high risk for leaving school and suffering guilt, anxiety, depression and other psychological problems. They may need long periods of psychological therapy and still face an uncertain future and an increased risk of unemployment and poverty.

With these concerns in mind, please see the following video to understand how America’s progressive liberals, funded by your tax dollars, make all of these matters worse.  Also, learn why it is in their own best business interests to do so.

We must cut the governmental support for Planned Parenthood, curtail their propagandistic incursions into our schools and vote the politicians out-of-office that support this business that sells and stimulates sexual behavior to our teens and then profits by aborting their pregnancies.

Do not fail to watch the following video documenting the destructive actions of Planned Parenthood in America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  7/1/13

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