I Wonder If I Am A Libertarian # 1

I Wonder If I Am A Libertarian

I am searching for a form of government that best conforms to the principles of psychology.

Why is it critical that government conform to the principles of psychology?

The principles of psychology, among some other compatible scientific principles, govern the quality and rate of occurrence of human behavior patterns. America’s population’s behavior patterns directly affect the viability of our socioculture.

I will grant you that this is a simple statement about some mighty complex matters. However, in all of this may be found one of the greatest mysteries  of the ages: How can a socioculture survive very long and well?

I have followed trend lines on America’s collective behavior patterns for many decades. The rates of damaging and self-defeating behaviors, with only evanescent small improvements, have increased no matter the political party in charge. Democratic and  Republican political parties are both failing miserably.

I am alienated from the performance of both political parties and I believe that the continuance of their policies will spell the ruination of America.

However, I am convinced that so-called conservative principles can lead America out of its decline. But the question becomes one of just which conservative principles have the power to do so?

As part of my analysis, I will now closely evaluate the principles of Libertarianism.

The first step will be to read and consider a summary of them, “in the whole”.

The next approach will be to critique each of the identified components separately in order to better evaluate this approach to cultural self-managment through representative government.

I hope you will join me in this analysis.

The following is an authoritative summary of the main features of Libertarianism.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/29/13

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