Huck’s Memorial Day Tribute

Huck’s Memorial Day Tribute

I received this eloquent Memorial Day Tribute from my dear submarine mate, Huck. He is one of the strongest patriots I have ever met. His words perfectly reflect the feelings of a great many thoughtful and caring Americans.

God Bless those who serve and protect us all.

Moe,    Memorial Day, 2013


We have survived another year and once again we have the opportunity to pay tribute on this Memorial Day to those who have served in our military.
I think about the various symbolic works of art e.g., the Marine flag raising Iwo Jima, the Vietnam Wall and others that honor those who have paid the supreme sacrifice to secure our freedoms we cherish and enjoy today. Yet, I’m sadden for those wounded warriors that have come home and are basically forgotten by our Government.
If it wasn’t for private enterprise many would be in serious need. The government does play a role, but not enough, to ensure these individuals receive all that is necessary to give them quality of living.
So today, as I have in previous years, I’ll pray for those dead and wounded ones and all that served so gallantly in all our past and present conflicts and extend to you my appreciation for your honored service to the United States of America.
God bless America and all who shared in preserving our freedoms.

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