An Honest, Courageous, Practical-Minded Politician: Paul Rand

An Honest, Courageous, Practical-Minded Politician: Paul Rand

I have a psychologist friend who asserts that it is not the individual, but the system of rewards and punishments that creates virtue or bad behavior. Think about it..does the individual corrupt the system, or does the system corrupt the individual?

The facts are that there is plenty of evidence to conclude that the influences go both ways. Systems can corrupt individuals and individuals can corrupt systems.

Think of the individuals who have stood on core-principles against powerful, even lethal forces, that commanded and coerced the changed behavior of average individuals; but failed when they encountered the man or woman of rigorous moral principle, who would not break.

Few human’s are beyond all forces of corruption and no one I have ever know is perfect, by any standard one might wish to apply.

However, the world has seen countless great leaders of vision, who never gave up their goals and aspirations in the face of great incentives to do so.  We do not have to strain to recall some of them: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Harry Truman, Thoreau, Martin Luther, Golda Meir, Joan of Arch, Plato, and many more from American and world history. Also, do we not know individuals in our own lives, never perfect, but so dedicated to particular goals in their lives that they could not be dissuaded by resistance or criticism? Perhaps you are one.

I believe my psychologist friend has overstated his case. Perhaps the following video is an example of one of many exceptions that he has overlooked…perhaps not..but we shall see.

We are now witnessing what strong and immoral political leadership in the form of President Obama and his appointees have accomplished.

I pray for new strong and moral leadership in America.

Please see what may be an example of such leadership. Watch this short video.

Tom Mawhinney

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