Obama: I Told You So #4

Obama: I Told You So #4

On February 12, 2012, I posted the following blog.

I urge you to read the text and view the following video. The truth about our Commander and Chief-Destroyer of America is plain to see.

Current scandalous events confirm that which informed citizens have always known about our current President. He is a ruthless radical revolutionary who will stop at nothing to destroy Free America.

The following video is of Andrew Breitbart, who is now dead. In this video he is telling the truth about our President Obama and his party politics. I have carefully researched his allegations which actually pale in the light of current documented examples of Obama’s cheating, lies and deceptions in the service of his dismantling of America’s socioculture.

In the light of a flood of new revelations of corruption in the Obama Administration, I am convinced was spot-on correct.

I believe that the election of President Obama is one of the greatest mistakes America has ever made.

VTM, 5/21/13

Obama’s “Saul Alinsky Bull-Shit Tactics”!

Lets get one thing straight from the start. I normally do not use such expletives as you find in my title for today’s entry in my blog.

But I am happy to let someone else do it for me. This is the characterization of President Obama’s political tactics by Mr. Andrew Breibart, who is now the conservative movement’s answer to the Left’s current ”slash and burn” warfare on America. He reminds me of the Abby Hoffman, of old,. But Breitbart is on the right side. Yes, the pun was intended.

Breitbart is an interesting guy. You will remember that he is the one who exposed ACORN for the revolutionary destructive force in America, that it really is. He is the one who rubbed our noses in the fact that Obama and ACORN have slept in the same bed and are still “text-message loving words” to each other.

The video below is almost too hot to handle.

Take a look, if you are you ready for a shot of tabasco sauce!


VTM,  2/12/12

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