President Obama: I Warned You # 1

President Obama: I Warned You # 1

I posted the following entry on September 12, 2012 .  In this and a series of other posts, I have tried to warn my readers about the catastrophic mistake that the election of President Obama would be.

I will now reiterate a series of those posted warnings from years past in hopes that his supporters might now gain a grip on reality.

Please forward this series to your liberal friends. All of the following goes to the core issues of the scandals and cover ups related to Benghazi, the IRS, the Associated Press, guns to Mexico, and much more.

Featuring America’s Presidential Sociopath

At the heart of the definition of a sociopath is a lack of conscience; an ability to lie, cheat, deceive and hurt others without remorse; a slick, glib verbal repertoire normally used to persuade and manipulate people into doing what they want them to do.

All of this done to others in order to benefit the sociopath’s goals and objectives, without any concern for the welfare of those who the sociopath has deceived, predated and damaged.

All of this describes President Obama words and actions perfectly.

Nowhere have I seen a compilation of incontrovertible evidence more powerfully presented than in the following video. Here our Presidential Sociopath is vividly caught, in real-time action, in his own manipulative lies, deceptions and profoundly destructive abuse of this Nation’s trust.

It is essential that you see this video in its entirety.

Do you remember the Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals)-Antonio Gramsci (socialist revolutionary methods)-Barack Obama connection that I have warned about? See them in action here.

Wake-Up America! Please pass this one along to your friends and relatives.

VTM, 9/12/12


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