Another “State” Take-Over Of America’s Children

Another “State” Take-Over Of America’s Children

One very old, perhaps close to original, socialist-communist strategy for transforming a culture to that repeatedly failed form of governance, is to propagandize the children and young people…and to diminish parental/family control of their thoughts and actions.

In America, it has not been so easy as it was in Germany. The genius of our Founding Fathers made certain to guard against transformational dictatorships.

Unfortunately, in modern America, the progressive/liberal/secular political action groups have collaborated to increasingly liberalize and control our educational system, the entertainment and news media, as well as our judicial systems. In addition they have increasingly worked through political and legislative processes to isolate and weaken America’s traditional religious influences

If all of this were not enough, these forces have frequently conscripted the power of science and its technological advances to achieve their goals.

So it is with the FDA’s recent approval of the “morning-after” abortion pill for simple over-the-counter purchase by kids who are 15 years of age. This bit of revolutionary handiwork will achieve several sociocultural  goals at the same time.

1. It will weaken America’s parental and family control over, and responsibility for, the  conduct of their children.

2. It signals to children that sex at a young age is expected, normal, socially acceptable and harmless.

3. It further signals that society will protect parents and children from the consequences of their irresponsible behavior.

4. It provides for the modeling of even early childhood sexuality, as 15-year-old sibling and friends, model their socially sanctioned “morning-after” methods for having sex and then avoiding biological consequences  (pregnancy, but not STD’s and Cancer of the cervix), as well as family, and other dwindling general  historical social sanctions for such behavior. The sexually active and free 15-year-old models will be imitated by even younger children. 15-year-olds will soon be buying “morning-after” pills for 12-year-olds.

5. All of this strengthens the power of influence and governernance of the State in citizen’s private lives.

Unless Americans raise “Holy Hell” with its politicians over this “end-run” around the autonomy of families, another major step has just been secured in the process of transforming America into a tried and true design for cultural failure.

The forces of our undoing are moving ahead, we must resist and defeat them.

VTM, 5/4/13

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2 Responses to “Another “State” Take-Over Of America’s Children”

  1. Says:

    Tom n Sally,

    I’m sure you’ve heard about Dave. First, please ad Joan n kids to your prayers n then please email me with ur professional insights. I’m having such a difficult time dealing with this as I’m sure his family is even more. Just can’t wrap my mind around why.

    Blessings, Karen Kuiper

    Sent from my iPhone


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Dear Karen,

      Sally are in the U.P., on our great grandparents farm property.

      We did hear about Dave and our prayers are with his family and friends. I can’t get the situation out of my mind either.

      It is not appropriate for me to publically speculate on what happened to our dear friend. This can happen for many reasons and I do not know anything about the situation…just this very sad news.

      I suggest that you google for various influences that lead to such tragic outcomes. Perhaps this will reduce your shock and confusion about this loss. I hope so…so sad.

      God’s Blessings to you and all who suffer. Tom


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