Pot Party In Colorado: Another Nail in America’s Coffin

Pot Party In Colorado: Another Nail in America’s Coffin

Well, life in these United States is growing exponentially more bizarre with each passing year. At 71 years, and from the perspective of my childhood, even my adolescent years, I am now a “legal alien” in my own culture.

I have read and enjoyed science fiction in past years, but I never encountered anything as astonishing (and science fiction-like) as the cultural evolutions in America, starting in the 1960’s.  So many rapid changes in our way of life have occurred that I am left dazed and amazed.

Having studied the decline of many cultures and I am therefore primed to see this blizzard of cultural changes in America from that perspective. I know I could be wrong about our decline, but I doubt that I am.

No fault divorce, legalization of pornography, legalization of gambling, legalization of abortion, legalization of marijuana, legalization of gay marriage, open border policies, legalization of illegal aliens by the many millions and millions more to come, crumbling infrastructure, wars and threatening new wars we cannot afford to wage, a massive growing central government gone wild with corruption, social chaos, and an increasingly ignorant, licentious, and barbaric youth (and much more) all foreshadows disaster.

Predicting the future is always a hazardous, but with copious good reasons, I  and others are very apprehensive.

It is not a wonder that good people are, in the words of our deceitful and anti-American President (I paraphrase), clutching their Bibles and guns.

Recently there was a massive celebration of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. A large group of citizens came together, got stoned and partied in honor of the legalization of dope. Perhaps this will become a cultural tradition.

Such a celebration makes about as much sense as hordes of active alcoholics gathering to get sloshed out-of-their-minds in order to celebrate the end  of  prohibition.

Please watch the video below. Meet a growing body of your electorate and America’s “leaders of tomorrow”.

When it comes to legalized drugs and the resulting social disorder and chaos: 1 + 1 = 5.  

Fear the word synergism.


VTM, 4/30/13

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2 Responses to “Pot Party In Colorado: Another Nail in America’s Coffin”

  1. Cady Says:

    Knlgeodwe wants to be free, just like these articles!


  2. vtmawhinney Says:

    Milton Friedman Ph.D economist deceased made no bones about the success of a country based on capitalism(produced goods and services)entrepreneurship,small government, more freedom.Incentives for producing have decreased,local,state,federal governments continue to make unnescessary laws,instead of enforcing current ones,breaucracy increasing on all levels(less freedom),redistribution of wealth(marxist axiom) under the guise of “looking out for the middle class”traditional establishments attacked constantly,schools inculcating children on multiculturalism,cannot talk about God or American culture for fear of reprisals,corruption,on and on.State of Colorado slouching towards Gomorrah with many other states close on their heels.Not only did they have a outlandish “POT” party some brought guns to the affair and injuries were incurrd.The word equality is bandied about like water over a dam.You make your own way and go as far as God given talents will take you.Sure we are not all equal in terms of intelligence,but we are in terms of opportunity.Much can be achieved if you have the incentive and motivation to succeed.



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