4 Responses to “Another Day Of Mourning and Great Sadness”

  1. Sean Says:

    It is so very sad to know and understand that the world was forever changed on 9/11/2001. Yet I still see all around me, every single day, people who just don’t “get it!?!?!” If we haven’t been able to stop a systematic and organized attack on western religion, right to bare arms, the institution of marriage and an open and free market society, from the individual level all the way up to the largest of American Corporations…….how do we possibly fight and execute a crushing strategy against some of the most evil and sadistic people on Earth when we can’t even police the knuckleheads that are growing in numbers among us!?!?!?!?


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Sean.

      The forces of our undoing are unrelenting. I fear that it will take a time of great distress and uncertainty, felt by nearly all, in order that we might return to the First Principles and Natural Law that originally made us great.

      Even then, it would take a great and charismatic leader to begin to turn things around.

      We had better say our prayers, because it feels likely that we will soon experience the conditions that drive most people to their knees in fear and anxiety.

      I hope I am wrong in my views. It would be wonderful if America’s famed resilience surged to the fore.

      Sound off with comments here anytime…and please tell your friends to do likewise!



  2. Roger Hamburg Says:

    Had post doc at Harvard 82-83Saw Flutie pay at BC in November,82.I love Boston in all kinds of ways.Now we have to learn who perpertated this and why.My nephew and I observed Patriot Day in April,1983.Faniel Hall is the “cradle of liberty”.Paul Revere’s tavern north end.Concord and Lexington?it goes on and ON!VERY RICH in American historical symbolism!


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Roger, wonderful, the post doc at Harvard! So very sad about the bombing in Boston.

      Thanks for your comment.

      I agree with you. We do need to find out who did this and why. I will go a step further…and then we need to terminate their gene pool(s)! Swiftly!

      Join me and sound off as you wish!
      Warm regards,


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