“Oh, The Thresher”….

In 1963 the Kinston Trio wrote the Ballad of The Thresher, in dedication to this submarine sinking with all hands in the spring of that year. We are now approaching the 50th anniversary of this American tragedy on April 10. This day will have have special meaning for me because two of my submarine mates on the Ethan Allen (SSBN 608) had just transferred to the Thresher and went down with her.

The following is very good article commemorating this sad time for all of America, and especially the families of these brave sailors and the rest of our submariners now, or ever having served, in this Nation’s “Silent Service”.


Here also is the first stanza of the Ballad of The Thresher, as sung by the Kinston Trio in 1963

“Oh, The Threhser, the finest atomic ship that ever dived for sea. Each man on board was a volunteer. Was there ’cause he chose to be.”

“Every man jack on board was a hero,…..Every man jack on board there was brave,…..Every man jack on board was a hero….Each man risked a watery grave.”

Thanks so much, Brother Mark, for bringing this to my attention today.

Sadly, VTM, 4/5/12

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