We’re Mad As Hell and We Won’t Take It Anymore!!!

We’re  Mad As Hell and We Won’t Take It Anymore!!!

Watch this video! 

Where is our outrage?!!

We have adapted to the underhanded and self-serving misbehaviors of our charlatan federal flim-flammer “political representatives”. There are also too many of these rank scoundrels at State and Local levels.

We have adapted to the stink of their rotten maneuvers for personal gain and aggrandizement, much as a worker in a slaughter-house adapts to the stink of death.

These cannibals of traditional American Culture and its fading glory are found in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

A large proportion of our of our political “representatives” are actually corrupt members of an elite Oligarchy that sucks and bloats, before our eyes, at the giant tit of our coerced citizen’s material wealth and confiscated freedoms.

They pathologically lie, deceive, cheat, steal and they are destroying America.

They sell America’s freedom, wealth and security for votes from our dramatically increasing masses of recruited and cultivated illegal aliens, well-fare recipients, the disabled, homosexuals, feminists, addicted stoners and other powerful special interest/lobbing groups. They are purposfully driving American’s citizens into poverty and psychologically disordered dependency upon them and their dictates.

They must all be voted-out-of-office. Many of them should be impeached. A few should be tried for treason and punished severely.

Maybe soon, I’ll tell you how I really feel.

VTM, 4/4/13

Watch this!


Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this to me.

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