Judeo/Christian Faith Saves Nations

Judeo/Christian Faith Saves Nations

The following quotes are taken from David Goldman’s Book: How civilizations Die: (And Why Islam is Dying Too).
The main take-away from this stunning book, is that Judeo/Christian faith and values have been most resistant to the damaging effects of modernity and its religion of secular humanism. One pernicious effect of the latter two factors is  they inevitably lead to a loss of population fertility and decline of virtually all cultures so affected. 
He demonstrates that among a host of declining cultures, Islamic cultures are the most severely damaged by modernity. He presents that because Iran is on its own cultural death-course, it is a very desperate and dangerous socioculture.
Goldman observes that there are only two exceptions to this modernity/secularism rule: America and Israel.
He maintains that there are things special about the Judeo/Christian Faith that strengthen a love of children and life and bring evolutionary resilience to these sociocultures.
From this perspective,  Goldman’s following quotes should carry special meaning and face validity:
“America was founded by radical Protestants who sought to emulate Israel’s mission in the wilderness and succeeded in creating the only Christian nation that would survive the great wave of secularization and demographic decline of the past two generations. Remarkably, the only other advanced country to  sustain high fertility rates is the modern State of Israel.”
“Secular political science views nations as mechanical constructs, like watches. In this view what matters is whether the gears mesh properly and the mainspring holds its tension, for watches have no spiritual concerns. But what appears objective and scientific turns out in the broad context of the life and death of nations to be fantastical and unreal in the extreme, for nations that fail to reproduce their people will cease to exist. True political realism begins with Augustine’s concern: What is the character that fosters a people’s continuity rather than catastrophe?”
You will find the answer to St. Augustine’s question in this video.
VTM, 3/22/13
Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this video to me.

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