Crazy Paranoia or The Promised “Transform America”: You Decide!

Crazy Paranoia or The Promised “Transform America”: You Decide!

When Obama first campaigned for the Presidency, he promised to “Transform America”. That his meaning, at the time, was unclear is an understatement. Obama is a master at verbal and political deception.

He promised an honest, transparent, and open administration. Yet, he has only delivered lies, impenetrable evasiveness, and an administration closed to nearly all traditional American values and ideals.

I have repeatedly warned that Obama had been schooled in the radical revolutionary methods of Saul Alinski. Moreover, he had become a teacher/preacher of Alinski’s methods for socialistic/communistic revolutionary methods. Please  do a search on this blog. Enter “Saul Alinski” in the search window above and on the right side of the page and press the enter key.

I doubt that most of my readers are familiar with Alinski’s revolutionary precepts and methods. Please familiarize yourself with his ideology by reviewing the following excellent summary of his quotations (I do not endorse some of the reader remarks at the end of his quotes). Alinski’e quotes are my only focus and concern. You will easily recognize them in Obama’s behavior patterns.

The following article compiles Obama’s many initiatives that closely conform to Alinski’s dictates and that uniformly weaken our the American socioculture. This article warns that Obama’s actions are all in systematic preparation for his promised “transformation of America”: A true political revolution by designed cultural decline, ultimately solidified by force.

Crazy Paranoia or The Promised “Transform America”: You Decide!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  3/9/12

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