I Fear He Is Right About America…And So Should You!

I Fear He Is Right America…And So Should You!

Dear Friends,

I have been doing a lot of reading about the decline of societies/cultures recently. Great cultures really do decline to insignificance. It is well-known that the weakness of democracies is that the majority eventually learns it can vote goodies for itself, all confiscated from the productive shrinking minority. When this begins to happen, the end is on the way.

Our Founding Fathers knew this well. Therefore they designed a Representative Republic in order to guard against this fatal flaw. While their design worked well for over 200 years, it is now failing.

From all my reading, the main causes appear to be “modernity” and its corrosive effects upon the influences of religion. There may be ways to combate this seemingly immutable force, but this anti-technology technology is yet to be discovered.

Of course the various technological developments that comprise modernity have their advantages. I do not have to list examples..you know many without much thought.

It may interest you to know that the damaging effects of modernity appear to be most powerful when it impacts the primitive theocracy of Islam. Iran is a rapidly dying country and that is exactly what makes it so dangerous. Read: Why Civilizations Die, by David Goldman.

I have recently read in this book, that cultures lose their “will to live” when they lose their religions and begin to worship humanity. A perfect correlate of this is a decline in fertility below replacement levels.

Indigenous religions have lost and secular humanists have won in the  Western Societies now in decline…which is all of them. America is “holding on” by a mere thread.

Please read the following article for a no B.S. dose of reality. This information is essential to America’s survival.

I am of the opinion that the truth can set you free….but first it will make you miserable.



P.S. Thanks to Fred Richardson for alerting me to this article.

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