Hot Sex Among Senior Citizens!

Hot Sex Among Senior Citizens!

I read a Drudge Report on 2/27/13 that is worth our thinking about.

It discussed a web site and the fact that during the last 9 months membership at that site had grown from 1 to 2.5 million to more that 4 million members.

Something there is selling like “hot cakes”! Do you wonder what it is?

One 61 year-old lady said: “I have hundreds of men trying to hang-out with me.”

Another elderly lady said she had 600 men “after her”. She said she advertized herself as a lady with: “Good looks and a youthful mind”.

It was said by one senior lady that she scours profiles to find “hot metrosexuals”.

It is reported that men as young as 30 years send suggestive pictures of themselves to older women on this website, often “displaying their manhood”. Another lady said she had 35 partners within a year, plus a “Jacuzzi sex-fest”.

Indeed, the internet has opened opportunities for social networking never dreamed of in great grandmas’ time. But a great many of today’s grandmas and grandpas appear to be “all-in” for social networking and easy sex.

Of course, one could make a logical argument that the elderly should be able to meet as they wish, have 35 partners (or more) in a year, and have Jacuzzi sex-fests with younger men whenever they want too! After all, they have worked hard, “done their time”, they are getting near the “end of the road”, and it’s supposed to be a free country!

Of course this does fit with one traditional American point-of-view. “What goes on between consenting adults is their business, so long as it does no harm to others”. But it does not fit with another traditional idea: People should be virtuous and avoid licentious, hedonistic behavior. Adults, and especially seniors, are supposed to be models of honorable and moral behavior for our youths to look-up to and to imitate.

For the short-sighted thinker, casual hyper-sexuality among our seniors (or anyone, for that matter) is not a problem. Unfortunately, they fail to consider the delayed outcomes for such actions and how it affects everyone’s well-fare.

Modern technology often changes cultures in major ways. Often the changes are for the better and for the worse, at the same time. Modernity also universally weakens the influences of religiously-based moral codes in populations. The birth control pill, medication to strengthen male erections, the flood of pornography in media, and the spread of social-cyberspace media has catalyzed some real population behavior problems.

Think about the following:

STD’s in seniors are now at record high. Citizens in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are reported to get chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea at twice the rate of the past decade. Interestingly, there was no mention of increased rates of AIDS in Seniors. Well, do your research and you will find that AIDS is increasing in individuals over 50 years.

Late menopause can occur between 55 and 65 years. This would suggest a likelihood of increased senior pregnancies. I have not yet found evidence of this because most of the demographic information now is more insensly focused upon our birth dearth among our younger generation and its strong negative implications for America’s future. But, increasing STDS, abortions, births and birth defects in the offspring of our elderly would only add to the expense of caring for the medical needs and troubles of our increasingly aged population. All of this would further stress the resources of the shrinking younger generation.

As a therapist, I have seen the strain that cyberspace sexual escapades and easy social media connections puts on marriages and otherwise stable relationships. “Hooking-up” emotionally, and in sexual fantasy, can easily lead to extra-marital/partner sexual activities. All of this is very often a prelude to alienation and divorce among couples. It is a fact that marriages and births are already occurring later in life, which increases the odds that later dissolutions of senior marriages will impact more children than before. When children are involved in divorce, it increases the risk of very damaging outcomes for the children.

Historically, seniors have played an important role in modeling traditional morals and values for their children to imitate. As grandparents, they have often been a powerful influence in their own adult children’s lives, as well as their grandchildren’s lives.

“Houston, we have a problem.” But it is not on the moon!

Increasing bad behavioral contagion* within our population increases sociocultural entropy* and reduces America’s viability for long-term survival.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 3/1/13

* Bad Behavioral Contagion: “The spread of damaging or self-destructive behavior patterns within a population via scientifically validated biopsychosocial mechanisms”.

* Sociocultural Entropy: “The proportion of human behavioral energy, within a population, that is not available to build and maintain the culture—but functions as a drain upon it”.

Definitions are taken from: V. Thomas Mawhinney (1998), Behavioral Sexual Maladaption Contagion in America: An Applied Theoretical Analysis. Behavior and Social Issues, (vol. 8), No. 2, Fall 1998, 159-192.

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