Loosing The Battle To Save America: Part Six

Stopping The Wreck: Professor’s Research Builds A Case That We’re Losing The Battle To Save American Society

By Bob Caylor of the News Sentinel, Fort Wayne In., November 17, 1994

This is the continuation of the newspaper article explaining my research and theories on America’s decline

Part Six


The time for change is growing short. Our opportunities to avert disaster are being frittered away every day. Mawhinney can’t foresee and won’t guess how long it could be until our burdens overwhelm resources. He even hedges on his own theory; he won’t call it anything more than “tentative” or “provisional”, and he hasn’t published any papers on it yet.

But he is willing to say the key to surviving is to manage our own cultural evolution in a way that no other culture ever has. We need to learn to measure our own cultural health by keeping tabs on crime rates, birth rates, and marriage and divorce statistics, among other indexes.

The media and government need to dwell on these statistics they way they now dwell on economic indicators.

And finally, society as a whole will have to figure out how to encourage behavior that helps it survive.

“With regard to our own culture, we must work swiftly. Critical….indicators, imperfect though they may be, strongly suggest that time is not on our side,” he wrote in the draft of one paper.

And he can’t even guarantee that it isn’t too late already. “We must work diligently, thought the full benefits of our own labor may have to await the emergence of…cultures which are yet to live”.


This is the end of this 1994 article.

I hope it has stimulated your thinking with the goal of improving America’s chances of surviving long and well into the future, in an increasingly hostile and dangerous world.

There will soon come a Part Seven to this sequence. In Part Seven, I will try to assess the validity and reliability of my data-based theoretical work from 1984 to 1994, when this article was published. I will also attempt to see how it fits with our experiences of life in America during this day. I wonder what you think.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/15/13

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2 Responses to “Loosing The Battle To Save America: Part Six”

  1. Karen Kuiper Says:

    Dear Friend,

    Hope this finds you and Sally doing well.  Had the oportunity to listen to a presentaiton on Agenda 21 last night and am going to a meeting on 2/27 at Michigan Works on the subject also. This is unbelievably mind blowing. Talk about losing the battle!    Interested in your thoughts.   Hugs, Karen Kuiper



    • vtmawhinney Says:


      Thanks for following along with my article from 1994. I will see if I can find info on Agenda 21. I have not learned of it, whatever it is. As you might know…I don’t need anymore “mind-blowing”, but I will do my best!

      Sally and I are both mending well!



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