More Guns = Less Violence!

More Guns = Less Violence!

I know…. This idea is not easy to understand because it is counter-intuitive to those who view it from a myopic or short-sighted  perspective. We chuckle at the primitive ideas that the earth was flat, that the sun circled our earth which, by the way, was assumed to be the center of the universe. At least these, and similar naive and ignorant assumptions about the world, were based upon the retarded state of science back in old times.

But, what is the excuse for modern thinkers concluding that restricting law-abiding, qualified, and licensed citizens from obtaining firearms for personal defense against barbarians and governmental tyranny is a good idea?! The scientific and anecdotal data are clear: More legal guns = less violence and governmental tyranny!

Cities that are most restrictive of legal guns for law-abiding citizens suffer greater crime and murder rates than cities that have preserved the right of legal firearms for legal citizens. The same inverse relationship between guns and crime is true of states and different countries.

Please take the time to educate yourselves on this important issue by viewing the following video. I regret the brief ad at the start of this video, but it can be dismissed with a click of your mouse.

Now please consider another important related issue.

Socialist, progressive, radical left politicians are again using gun control as a “red herring” to direct the naive and ignorant way from the true causes of our criminal social problems and our general cultural decline.

The true causes of the threats to our safety and security are the universally tragic and destructive social, political, and economic policies of the radical left.

It is the psychopathology of the radical left that lies and deceives and destroys safety, security and cultural longevity wherever it gains control.

VTM, 1/22/13


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