Armed Guards In Our Schools: Why Not?!

Armed Guards In Our Schools: Why Not?!

I challenge you to give me one good reason not to have fully trained, experienced, mentally and emotionally competent armed guards in nearly all of our schools.

We have them almost wherever there is money at risk. We have them at malls, supermarkets, stores, at sporting events, in our parades, and in many more places. Our political leaders and celebrities have them. A great many Americans keep guns in their homes, or on their person, for fear of violent crime.

Why should we leave our children unprotected in light of the America’s behavioral contagion of mass murderous attacks upon our defenseless schools.

For God’s Sake, folks, arent our children more precious to us and the future of our Nation than a relatively small pile of money stolen from a bank, a brink’s truck, or some pilfered goods from a retail store? The correct answer is that money and things are important, but our children’s safety and security is sacrosanct in comparison.

There was an important article on my smart phone today. Fox News published an article entitled: Protecting schools: Armed Teachers Bolster Student Safety In Israel.

The main points of this article are as follows:

1. Israel has long been under siege. Therefore it has fences around its schools, metal detectors and armed guards in every school.

2. Most shooters in America’s schools shoot themselves when confronted with lethal force. So it would be good to confront them very quickly and save children’s lives.

3. In Israel, private security organizations supply guards who are carefully screened, closely evaluated and highly trained. Some teachers are also qualified to be armed after 40-60 hours of intensive training, though many are philosophically opposed to being armed.

The only half-sensible objections to the main points of this article that I can identify are the following ones. However,  I judge that they are not legitimate objections.

1. America cannot afford the expense. This is B. S..  As always, it is a matter of priorities.

The answer to this concern can be found in the profound and wasteful misappropriations of our existing tax revenues by our Federal Government. The first place I would look to reclaim these moneys for a superior purpose would be our financial aid to foreign governments.  Please inspect these Data:

2. We do not have enough trained personnel to supply this great demand for mentally healthy, patriots dedicated to serving America’s children. This is B.S..  As always, it is a matter of priorities.

Our veteran’s unemployment rates have fallen to under 7% due to Governmental efforts to help gain job skills. Many of our veterans now apply for fire and police department jobs, but openings are limited. With close selection, evaluation and specialized training a large number of our veterans would soon be available for duty as armed school guards. Such a governmental “retread program” already exists, see for yourself:

3. Placing armed guards within our schools would extend the already suffocating powers of the Federal Government. I suggest that the funds for training and paying school security guards be granted to States and that private firms employ these highly trained and specialized security guards. I cannot get around the fact that America’s children deserve universal protection from violent attack. In doing so, we are simply securing our future. Therefore, I am forced by logic to suggest that States be Federally mandated to protect their children by placing armed guards into their public schools. For similar reasons, I also suggest that funding be available for those private schools that elect to participate.

I hope you will provide me with more objections/suggestions to this approach, so I can further evaluate the merits and flaws of my position on this most difficult matter.

VTM, 1/1/13

P.S. We should all work to create a better New Year for America.

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