Our Fragile Constitutional Republic 101: A Remedial Course for Americans

Our Fragile Constitutional Republic 101: A Remedial Course for Americans

The following quote is taken from The Path To Tyranny: A history of Free Society’s Decent Into Tyranny, by Michael E. Newton

Going back at least as far as Plato, idealists have argued that a government of highly intelligent and well-intentioned individuals could effectively run the country for the well-being of the people. But giving such power to government officials is likely to attract people hungry for wealth or power. Furthermore, the power hungry will use violence and deception to gain power, making their assumption of power more likely and more dangerous.

One of the key principles of the Nazis was that a government run by superior men, Nietzsche’s Ubermenschen, is better than a republic in which everybody, regardless of intelligence, has a say in government. However, when these supermen in government turn out to be fallible, just like everybody else, they take down the entire country with them (pp. 198-199).

And Finally, with trepidation, I present one more quote:

Hitler spoke with such eloquence and passion, making promises the German people wanted to hear, that people were ready to give the Nazis an overwhelming victory at the ballot box (p. 185).

No, I do not fear a Nazi-like take-over of America. I do see and fear the increasing lies, deceptions and tyrannies of the Obama regime that are damaging us and could significantly “take down the entire country”.

While I wish to believe America has the strength to survive our messianic socialist/progressive president, I remain anxious about the outcome.

VTM, 12/31/12

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